October 20th - 22nd, 2017

Tebala Event Center

7910 Newburg Road

Rockford, Illinois 61108

This is the Rockford Game Convention you are looking for!

NEW Location:


Sellers may drop off items - Friday 3PM - 5 PM and Saturday 9 AM - 12 PM.


Bidding will be 10 AM - 2:30 PM on Saturday.


Pick up at 3:30 PM.


Payout at 5 PM (or as soon as we collect from buyers).


This year the Silent Auction will be ran on Saturday only. Sellers' Lot Entry Pricing is outlined in "SELLER Need to Know's" below.


Each lot may contain as many or as few items as you desire. One auction sheet must be completed for each lot. Unlike other silent auctions, Rock-Con will not take a percentage of the final sale price, only the entry fee.


Space is limited and auction lots will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. When the auction staff determine that there is no more room for auction lots, no more will be accepted. So make sure you pre-register your items and get your seller number ahead of time!


Rock-Con Convention would like to thank Jane and Larry Zoet for their support in sponsoring this event. Please stop by and place some bids!!

Silent Auction Rules

SELLER Need to Know's (click to open)

BUYER Important Points (click to open)

Silent Auction Rules


  • Opening bid must be at least $1 (minimum).
  •     Minimum raise must be at least $1 increments.
  •     Buyout price must be at least $2 minimum. The Buyout Price is optional. This is the price that a person can pay and immediately purchase the entire lot.
  •     Once a lot has received a bid, it cannot be withdrawn from the auction.
  •     Once a lot has a bid equal to or higher than the buyout price, the buyout option may not be used.
  •     Buyers bid on a lot by writing their bidder number and the amount bid on the attached form. If a lot receives more than 20 bids, it will be verbally auctioned off at the close of the auction.
  •     Buyers who bid are committed to purchase the lot on Saturday evening at the auction close. Your bid is your bond!
  •     CASH payments are preferred. Credit card payments will be accepted but will be subject to a 5% convenience fee on top of the cost of your purchase.
  •     The auction (buying or selling) is available to registered/paid convention attendees only.
  •     Unsold items will be returned to their owners. Unsold and unclaimed product will become the property of ROCK-CON 2015.

SELLER Need to Knows


The link to pre-register as a seller is: http://www.naperville-il.com/auction/index.php


If you have participated in What-Khan's auction in 2014 - 2016 you are already in the system. If not, it's easy to get signed in. In either case, your number will be the same as a seller or buyer and will stay the same year after year and will be noted on your Convention Badge if you have registered with the auction previously.


Important Points:


  •     The least expensive way to sell an item is by pre-registering and providing a buyout price.
    • Items pre-registered with a buyout price - $1
    • Items pre-registered without a buyout price - $1.50
    • Items registered at the convention with a buyout price - $2
    • Items registered at the convention without a buyout price - $2.50
  •     Be sure to fill out your form completely. Minimum Bid must be at least $1. Buyout Price at least $2.
  •     When you bring your item in, please have your bid slip (that you print at home from the above website) attached to your items. If you are selling 2 or more items in one lot, fasten them together (twine works well for games and plastic bags or boxes for minis).
  •     If you are selling minis and want people to be able to see them, please put them in a plastic bag, clear box, or a box with plastic wrap over the top. The more prep you do at home, the less time you will spend at the convention prepping auction items instead of playing!
  •     Finally, please be aware that we cannot pay you until we collect from the buyers. So while we will make every effort to pay you ASAP, we cannot pay until we collect.

BUYER Important Points:


  •     You MUST have a number to bid. Buyer and Seller numbers are the same.
  •     You must bid at LEAST the minimum.
  •     Please write as legibly as possible.
  •     All bids must be in $1 increments (no change please)
  •     If you want to look inside an item, be sure to ask one of the auction staff.
  •     If you cannot pick up and pay for your item between 3:30 PM and 4 PM Saturday, please either buy it outright or do not bid. We hate to disappoint our sellers.


Special Thanks to our Sponsor:

You can reach us by mail at: What-Khan Convention, LLC, PO Box 10032, Loves Park, IL 61111


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